The painting is 36cm x 46cmor 14"x18". I prepare my canvas with 10 coats of gesso sanding between each coat.I then draw my subject onto the canvas and then ink it on with sepia ink. The first layer is the Imprematura which is just a wash that seals the surface, I usually use a small amount of Ochre ,Umber and Prussian blueand water it down with pure gum turps.This dries in about 2 hrs. and I then start the Umbra layer.So the entire painting is done using only umber,I use raw Umber many use Burn't, But I like the effect of raw umber. The medium I use is a Mix of 1 part Drying linseed oil ,1 part drying poppy oil ,1 part Damar to 1 part pure gum turps.This allows the umbra layer to dry by next day, and the other layers to follow dry in approx 5 to 6 days depending on the weather.

Ok the umbra layer dried overnite and I now start on the dead layerSo basically the whole painting is now painted in grey scale,Like a GrisailleI use a Mixture of raw umber ,davies grey, a tiny dab of lamp black and flake white. I apply the paint in short little strokes using a 00 round sable

Then using a 1/4" blender I blend the paint in ,paint is thicker in the highlights and thinner in the shadows.After blending I go over the area with a sable mop very lightly sweeping over the paint this removes any brushstrokes giving me a smooth surface again.

I've started the colour layers on the apple to start with. I begin by first wiping over the area I'm going to paint with half a brown onion, this acts as a sizing allowing the paint to take to the previous layer and not bead up ect, I use a thin glaze of Naples yellow,yellow ochre and titanium biege,as before i use a small brush and dab the paint on ,the blend and again go over it lightly with a mop.

left that to dry overnite then the next dayI add the first layer of redthis is crimson lake ,rose madder and raw umber in the shadow areasame prosess again only this time I dont blend as much allowing the yellow to come through and giving the pattern to the skin.

I continue to add layers to the apple,bringing up the highlights, and scubbling glazes over the paper,also bringing out the highlights.I lighten up the fabric sign ,and now we are finished!